GHOSTFACE KILLAH Live in Bloomington

Ghostface and cult reading…

The master of metaphor, the Nostradamus of non-sequitars, the story-telling-est Apollo Kid, the real Tony Stark: the Ghostface Killah tore it up at the Bluebird last night. Our very own Okie-Texan, by way of Shanghai, Surfwaco delegate, Zachary Carlisle Davidson was on the scene. Below are some of the photos of the show which involved an entire dramatic aspect to the performance. I’m glad to see contemporary rappers taking it beyond just the music. Makes me think of Seattle’s Shabazz Palaces (new remix below) and Fever Ray (1/2 of Sweden’s The Knife–one of the best releases of 2009 by far–also a video below–arguably her best–). Below is Killah & Adrian’s racy video for new track, Rise of the Ghostface Killah, from their new album Twelve Reasons to Die available everywhere.

Rise of the Ghostface Killah – Ghostface Killahg & Adrian Younge

Ghostface & Adrian narrating the story before Ghost dies and comes back after an interlude by Adrian and Delfonics. Adrian switches from bass to keyboards.

Adrian Younge

Adrian Younge

Ghost and Delfonics

Ghost and Delfonics


Killa Priest. This was towards the end, everyone was wild by then.

New Town Burnout – Animal Collective (Shabazz Palaces RMX). This will be on a remix release, Monkey Been to Burn Town out May 28th via Domino.

When I Grow Up – Fever Ray


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