Video for Matthew Dear’s “Her Fantasy”


Psyched about Matthew Dear’s new LP coming out next month (Beams). 2010’s Black City was incredible. Buy it if you don’t have a copy. Below is the video for new single “Her Fantasy.” Strange but amazing…just like his music.

(Via Ghostly International)

“Her Fantasy,” the highly praised lead single––and dare we say summer anthem––gets a very fitting video treatment. Director Tommy O’Haver’s video takes us on a journey through bizarre sequences of debauchery and seduction with a hint of humor, as he pays homage to Avant Garde filmmaker Kenneth Anger in a self-described “mash-up”. Tommy brings out the dark side of the psychedelic pop synth track by using pulsing lights, dim colors and exotic subjects. Featuring a pink-haired geisha, a slow-moving harlequin clown, and a smiling lady with a cage over her head, “Her Fantasy” is a very weird trip. Also, check out the Australian producer Tornado Wallace’s remix of said single. Beams is available August 27th & 28th. Pre-order now.


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