Surfwaco playlist; the caretaker, david thomas broughton, great lake swimmers, how to dress well, ema, soft moon, crystal castles, arandel, m83, holy other, sand circles, fever ray

Surfwaco presents a cheery new playlist that tells the story of the forthcoming undead conquest of the earth in three parts. Start preparing!



The Sublime is Disappointingly Elusive – The Caretaker

Part I:  Regret (In which the dead reflect on the living)

Unmarked Grave – David Thomas Broughton
I Saw You in the Wild – Great Lake Swimmers
Suicide Dream 2 – How to Dress Well
Marked – EMA

Part II:  Night Terrors (In which the dead rise from their graves)

Into the Depths – Soft Moon
I Am Made of Chalk – Crystal Castles
Rattling Cage – Forest Swords
In D#5 – Arandel


Miserere – [anonymous]

Part III: Empty Streets (In which the sun rises on a land where none but the dead walk the streets)

In the Cold I’m Standing – M83
Yr Love – Holy Other
Distant Lights – Sand Circles
Keep the Streets Empty for Me – Fever Ray


So Run Down – The Caretaker


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