It’s been over two months since the amazing inaugural FACTORY party and the memories still linger. I regret to post so late about the event, but I have been preoccupied with a move to Indiana for graduate school.

The event featured original artwork from a cavalcade of very talented people including, but no limited to, Andy Anzollitto, Pat Seals, Kate Sterchi, Emily Knighton, Daniel Ogletree, Kelly McTavish, Hannah Skoonberg, Seth Daulton, Chris Russell, Allie Fisher, Katherine Adkins, Esteban Diaz, Marissa Carabin, John Hancock and Charles Hancock. Also on the scene was Emily Knighton with her homespun accessories.

Art display I
Art display II
Art display III
Art display IV

Dan Padgett played an amazing set full of live tunes using an acoustic, bass and the ol’ voicebox.

Dan Padgett I
Dan Padgett II

I played some solid DJ sets before and after Dan’s face-melting. Some dancing even broke loose…

DJ Surfwaco

Check out more pictures from the event here. Many thanks to all who participated, celebrated and embraced FACTORY. And a BIG thank you to all who helped me clean up after the event (you know who you are). All in all, it was a magical night!

By the way, there are still some FACTORY posters available for purchase ($5). These are original color woodcuts folks. Below is what they look like. Leave a comment to claim yours.

FACTORY poster

Dan and I return as a one-two punch lineup at this summer’s A Midnight Summer’s Riot! on Friday, June 22nd at a friend’s place. Join the event/more info on Facebook here. Hope to see you there!


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