Ears Still Ringing from Sleigh Bells’ Live Bowery Stream

Sleigh Bells

Sleigh Bells just finished up their POWERFUL live performance at The Bowery. I tuned into the live stream and turned my headphones up to maximum. After seeing this show, I am a Sleigh Bells fan. They have created a precise math-rock/pop formula that no one can touch. The band’s sophomore LP “Reign of Terror” with killer cover art (below) drops Tuesday next week. Stream the whole thing over at NYTimes. Watch the energetic, 80s nodding, mustard shopping video for “Comeback Kid” below. More images of the band can be seen after the jump. If you want to listen to these guys, watch a live show. Then, go home and listen to their albums on full blast which is totally worth the hearing damage. The band performs on SNL tomorrow night…so tune in.

Reign on Terror – Sleigh Bells


Sleigh Bells
Sleigh Bells
Alexis Krauss
Sleigh Bells


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