Two New Mixtapes

Greetings. I have two more mixtapes to share. One comes from Altered Zones, who sadly, will no longer be with us in 2012. The mix is titled “20 Tracks You Might’ve Missed” and features some rare gems AZ felt needed on more breath of fresh air before site shutdown.

The other mix, “Mix for International Tapes”, hails from Upset the Rhythm and features some demos from John Maus and Future Islands. Listen/download below.

Listen to the full AZ mix below via soundcloud. Click through the links below the lix to download most of the songs.

Altered Zones: “20 Tracks You Might’ve Missed


18. Ted Lucas: “Plain and Sane and Simple Melody”
19. Tonstartssbandht: “Hymn Our Garden”
20. Quilt: “Penobska Oakwalk”



01. GENTLE FRIENDLY – Speakers
From the band’s new EP ‘Rrrrrrr’ out now on UTR

From the band’s forthcoming album ‘Jazzmind’ on UTR

03. PEEPHOLES – Tunnels
From the band’s forthcoming mini-album ‘Caligula’ on UTR

04. WAY THROUGH – Halfway House (demo)
Demo version of a new track coming out on Comfortable On A Tightrope

05. GROUP INERANE – Deran Deran
Group Inerane are playing a London show with us on Nov 30th at Plan B, alongside HALO HALO…

06. HALO HALO – Manananggal
From the band’s debut 7″ on Savoury Days

07. JOHN MAUS – Castles In The Grave (demo)
An outtake from ‘Pitiless Censors’

08. QUIET HOOVES – Can’t Catch A Break
From our upcoming UTR50 compilation!

09. KIT – Lazarus Taxa
From ‘The Animal Within Us’ benefit compilation on Caring Is Cool

10. HIGH CASTLE – Crustaceans Demise
From their new ‘Spirit Of The West’ LP on Zum

11. BOMBER JACKETS – Pauline’s Quirks
From their ‘Larching’ cassette on Night People

12. FUTURE ISLANDS with WAY THROUGH – We’ve Been Here Before (demo)
Demo made on FI’s last tour in the UK

Demo of some forthcoming FG material featuring Annie of Powerdove

14. THE URXED – Staying At Home
From the forthcoming split 12″ on PPM with Stephen/Steven

15. TEST HOUSE – I’ll Never Leave
From the forthcoming cassette on Cass/Flick

16. ISSUE – 4
Son of E-40, brother of Droop-E, thank you Bay Area / AFX


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