John Maus Demos 2011

John Maus Demos 2011
I ran across Maus Space while doing some music downloading yesterday and came across these magnificent John Maus demos/b-sides from his acclaimed We Must Become the Pitless Centers of Ourselves from earlier this year. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED. Download the full set by clicking through the links below (links go to Mediafire RAR-MP3 files. After the jump are a few videos from his INTENSE live performance that I captured in Austin earlier this year and an amazing video of “Maniac”.

**UPDATE: The links have been removed. Maus will release some of these tracks and more mastered on a new 2012 release “A Collection of Rarities and Previously Unreleased Materials.” The cover art is below. Find out more here.

“Quantum Leap” Live @ The Mohawk

“Streetlight” Live @ The Mohawk



6 responses to “John Maus Demos 2011

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    • Yea! Thanks for uploading these demos. They’re great! If you would like for me to take the links down, I can. Just let me know. Where did you find these by the way?

  3. Unfortunately, the links has been taken down. They were not mine to begin with so I do not have control over them. However, Maus will be releasing some of these b sides on a proper album in the next month or so. Search “John Maus 2012 release” on Google to find it. The cover of the album is a large pink circle (an subtle eclipse). Go see him live if you get a chance! Hope this helps!

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