Mad for Mad Men

I just finished an epic binge on the Mad Men anthology this weekend. All four seasons are currently streaming on Netflix, which I  took advantage of upon discovery. It’s one of those shows that I just felt drawn to. Of course, the advertising environment was a big influence on me to watch the show, but it’s really about human behavior, psychology and relationships. I have to say, the show is spot on with detail. I’m a sucker for anything retro and this show is bleeding with it. From the packaging, fashion, cars, ideals, everything comes together to form a cohesive viewing experience every episode. It took me a while to get used to blatant infidelity of all the characters especially main character/art director Don Draper (who beds like 10 women throughout the course of the shows, mostly while married). But, no one embodies the classic swagger as he does. Like most great T.V. shows, it’s all about the writing, production value, and acting. All three come together to form a powerhouse performance in Mad Men.  It was definitely a different time back then, and this comes across in a beautiful way throughout the show.


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