February 2011 Playlist

Chill out to our mostly downtempo Best of February playlist which you can stream or download below. This is ideal brooding music – perfect for the dead of winter. But don’t worry you can enjoy a taste of the current Australian summer at the end in the form of Cut Copy.  We think James Blake is a little overrated (see the Pitchfork Effect) but The Wilhelm Scream is actually quite stunning. And don’t forget to try out your Thom Yorke dance moves during Radiohead’s Lotus Flower. It’s ok, nobody’s looking.

*UPDATE: Listen on Spotify here.

1. Obsessions (o0o00 Remix) by Marina & the Diamonds

2. The Wilhelm Scream by James Blake

3. Slowdance (How to Dress Well Seance) by Matthew Dear

4. Lotus Flower by Radiohead

5. School Night by Foxes in Fiction

6. Les Neuf Soeurs by Mode Moderne

7. The Blackest Medicine by Spectre Folk

8. Need You Now by Cut Copy


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