Best Tracks of January 2011

best music of January 2011

Here are eleven of our favorite songs from last month. Embrace the winter chill with Orca’s (The Sight Below & Benoit Pioulard) cover of Broadcast’s “Until Then.” Geotic’s Unwind is aptly named and perfect for cold winter nights (this album can be downloaded for free from the artist’s website). Melt the ice and bitter chill with sunny jams from Best Coast and Smith Westerns. The Mountain Goats and Fleet Foxes return with more earnest, good-natured songwriting. Groove to Elvis’s evil twin Dirty Beaches. Hercules & Love Affair  and Light Asylum bring the 90s noise back into your eardrums.  And we wouldn’t be a trendy blog if we didn’t include some chillwave tracks from Panda Bear and Ducktails. Enjoy and let us know what you think.

*UPDATE: Listen to (most of) the playlist on Spotify here.

Until Then (Broadcast cover) ♫ Orcas

Geotic ♫ Unwind

All Die Young ♫  Smith Westerns

Sunny Adventure ♫ Best Coast

Damn These Vampires ♫ Mountain Goats

Helplessness Blues ♫ Fleet Foxes

Sweet 17 ♫ Dirty Beaches

Painted Eyes ♫ Hercules & Love Affair

Dark Allies ♫ Light Asylum

Killing the Vibe ♫ Ducktails ft. Panda Bear

Atiba Song ♫ Panda Bear

(Photograph > comingoutofmycage.)


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