Nondestructive Graffiti: Swoon / Knitta

“meant to disappear”

Swoon Print New York Street Art

Swoon is a NY-based street artist whose relief print cutouts of life-size figures populate some of the city’s loneliest alleys. After hand-printing her images on recycled newsprint, she uses home-made wheat paste to tag “walls, doors, the backs of stop signs, the base of light poles, utility boxes, trash bins,
sidewalks, rooftops, the frames of subway car advertisements, etc.” Her prints are, in her own words, “meant to disappear.” Unlike this well-known street artist who ended up directing a marketing campaign for Saks 5th Avenue, Swoon has no book, website, or online store – but the MoMA has purchased five of her prints. Check out Walrus TV’s documentary short on Swoon below – it’s well worth ten minutes of your time.

**Update: Another post on Swoon (in St. Louis) can be found here


“a little more warm and fuzzy”

Knitta Please Yarn-bombing in Paris

Knitta Please is an Austin-based collective of “yarnbombers” that was started in Houston (Arcade Fire’s city with no children) in 2005 by Magda Sayeg. Perhaps a tad more mainstream than Swoon, Knitta Please does have a website, a blog, and a flickr stream. All is forgiven, because they were behind the amazing three-dimensional A R T at Austin City Limits this year.

Knitta Please

Next week we will feature some of Waco’s very own street artists – most notably the prolific gentleman responsible for the cave-painting-esque syringes marked with HEROIN sometimes spelled HERION.

In the meantime please check out more images from Swoon after the jump.

✖ DO

SwoonSwoon Print NY Street ArtSwoon Print New YorkSwoon Print NY


3 responses to “Nondestructive Graffiti: Swoon / Knitta

  1. I can’t wait to see an entire series of posts dedicated to the many street artists that have beautified Waco through their efforts.

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